Team Deathmatch

Our warm-up introductory game. Green Team and Black team engage each other from either side of the Team Deathmatch map. Infinite respawns, 5 minutes per round.

Capture the Flag

Risk, strategy and heroism come to the forefront. Green Team and Black Team compete to capture a single flag from the centre of the Capture the Flag map. First team to bring the flag back to their start point wins the round. No respawns.

Urban Elimination

Aggression and teamwork are the keys to survival. Green Team and Black Team attempt to wipe each other out in intense close-quarters shootouts on the Urban map. First team to eliminate the other wins the round. No respawns.

Secret Game



No teams, every player for themselves. Go your hardest.

300 Morgan Rd, Gordonvale, Queensland 4865

Tel: 0458 144 909