Southside Paintball is the brand new affordable paintball field just 20 minutes south of Cairns.

Offering just $20 entry and a range of fields and games, we won't be beaten on price or fun.

Call Boyd on 0458 144 909 to book.


Entry + 100 paintballs: $20 per player

The entry price is paid online as a deposit ahead of the session. It covers a player's first 100 paintballs and all minimum gear needed to play including mask, marker and camouflage overalls. Padded torso vests will be provided to female players at no additional cost.

Refills of 100 paintballs: $15

Supplied on request at any time during gameplay.
Payment is made by cash or EFTPOS at the end of each session.

Additional Gear

Extra playing gear including protective gloves, ammo belts, extended barrels and even Riot Shields and Juggernaut Suits are available for hire during play.
Prices available on location.


Entry + Gel Blaster Loadout Kit Hire: $50 per player

This entry price is paid online ahead of the session.
It covers the hire of a high-performance gel blaster plus a combat vest and unlimited gel ball refills.

Entry (BYO blaster + eye protection): $10 per player

This fee covers attendance for one session with the player's own gel blaster.
Maximum FPS for player-supplied blasters is 330 feet per second.
Gas-powered blasters are permitted.
Players must provide own eye protection rated to at least Australian Standard 1337.


Note: Only deposited players will have a slot reserved for them. Other bookings may take up available spots, so please advise Southside Paintball of any intent to change booking size as soon as possible.
Deposits will be refunded up to 3 days before the game. 


Please click HERE to book your session online.


Southside Paintball is located just 20 minutes from Cairns City at Morgan Road, Gordonvale.

If coming from Cairns (the north), take the turn off the Bruce Highway to Yarrabah (Warner Road) then turn right onto Crosslands Road. From there turn left onto Morgan Road and follow it to the Southside Paintball site near the end.

If coming from the south, get onto Highleigh Road in Gordonvale and follow it as it transitions to Crosslands Road. From there turn right onto Morgan Road and follow it to the Southside Paintball site.

Remember to obey all speed limits and watch for cane trains and wildlife. Take care to slow down for the S-bend on Morgan Road and as you approach the Southside Paintball site. Only local traffic is permitted past the Southside Paintball turnoff. Please be mindful of our neighbours and do not visit the site unless playing or bringing players on the day. No burnouts on the driveway!

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Open Saturdays & Sundays
10am-12pm & 1pm-3pm

Bookings are essential, call Boyd on 0458 144 909 to book.

Maximum 40 players and minimum 10 players per session.

Each session can support multiple bookings.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your booked session.

Minimum age to play is 15 years old.

Players aged under 16 will need a parent or guardian to sign for them.


Closed in shoes (they will get dirty and beaten up)

T-shirt (or exercise top)

Shorts (or activewear pants, jeans/trousers will cause overheating)

Baseball cap (optional, but useful)

Contacts (if you wear glasses, glasses can be worn if they fit inside the paintball mask but are at risk of fogging.)

And that’s it!

Refreshing ice-cold water is available for all players during the game.

Bringing your own gear: Players are welcome to bring their own uniform/coveralls (for example from ADF Cadets). If you want to bring your own marker or other gear (masks etc.) call on 0458 144 909 to discuss first.


Team Deathmatch

Our warm-up introductory game. Green Team and Black team engage each other from either side of the Team Deathmatch map. Infinite respawns, 5 minutes per round.


Capture the Flag

Risk, strategy and heroism come to the forefront. Green Team and Black Team compete to capture a single flag from the centre of the Capture the Flag map. First team to bring the flag back to their start point wins the round. No respawns.


Urban Elimination

Aggression and teamwork are the keys to survival. Green Team and Black Team attempt to wipe each other out in intense close-quarters shootouts on the Urban map. First team to eliminate the other wins the round. No respawns.


Secret Game




No teams, every player for themselves. Go your hardest.



0458 144 909